Analyzing PH in Catalonia

ENERGIEHAUS has analyzed one year of data collecting in «almost» Passive House MZ-House in Barcelona. This small residential building had been retroffited with the intention to reach PH-standard. As BlowerDoor test didn’t reach 0,6 ACR, certification couldn’t be realized. Anyway real consumption shows a very good behaviour in terms of energy consumption. The heating demand in 2013/14 winter are estimated in 22.6 kWh/m2a (see page 29 of joined PDF). In summer, the building performs above the PH-limits – overheating frequency calculated based on monitoring results: 16.5% (25ºC) – no AC installed – very conscious user…nevertheless, results are conform with ASHRAE-adaptative confort criteria-RP884 (90%). The user is very happy with his home…that’s important!


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